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Tiktoka Uploader is social media video bulk upload and auto publish without manually edit
that will save your ass. Best Youtube and Tiktok automation toolkit.
Desktop App directly with social media platform instead of the Cloud.
Turn your Youtube video into Anchor podcast and auto publish

In the press

Get rid of Content theft.
Make money from  traffic belong to you.

Creators can easily publish or re-post videos from facebook,instagram and others into youtube for more fans.or just backup livereplay to youtube.
Video is much less competitive as traditional SEO. Brand can benefit and maximize the ROI of Video SEO in social Medias.
Instead of massive upload one time,we can schedule each video automatically.

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Multiple platform Strategy

Do not put all eggs in one basket.Have your account been banned or deleted without any reason? Have your video been downloaded and re-post by others to youtube?

  • Action before content theft

    prepare a video dir, other work shift to us
  • Sync historical video to different platform.
    you have 10K+ fans on tiktok, you can sync archive videos to youtube.there are tiktok to youtube, douyin to youtube,instagram to youtube and etc.
  • Backup live streaming to Youtube..
    with our subtitle auto generation plugin,you can easily get srt from video length max 10 hours in 20 minutes

Easy to use

cross platform video publish can be easy.You do not have to spend too much time on upload and publish setting.historical videos and live streaming replay are supported.

  • Forget to edit metadata by hands
    description auto generated from prefix,suffix and filename and auto fill in.
    tags are from preferred tags and AI based generated topic related tags and auto fill in
    pulish time can automatically set without any effort
  • Auto generate thumbnail from video highlight.
    you can using these as startpoint to add overlay text to make it more clickbait to get traffic.
  • Auto set schedule time to public for each video..
    bulk upload is basic, private or public is all your choice.
    instead of massive upload one time, you get spammed.
    You can even use schedule,we auto cal and schedule publish date of each video through video amount and daily publish video count setting.

Accelerate video SEO

Video SEO is important for new brand.with our tool you can easily rank some keywords in the youtube.
Multiple videos from local drive,facebook,instagram, and others into youtube for more fans.

  • Multi accounts and multi channels.
    as newbie you will not want to have egg stay in one will save your time to success
    Vivamus sollicitudin, felis vitae facilisis.
  • Support cookies and profile to avoid re-login.
    Usually for a google account a new profile needed,for a channel under a google account a cookie json is all we need.
  • Unlimited videos.
    Daily upload limits only depends on your account maximium.1000+ monthly upload.

Add-on make video better

we now have subtitle generation and subtitle video sync.
2.replace audio with free songs
3.invisible text watermark and invisible image watermark generated click-bait thumbnail(Free)
5. auto cut silence from original video(Free)
6.AI genereated suggested video tags(Free)

  • Auto add Free copyright music.
    sometimes music is the secret recipe to traffic, you need dig it by yourself.and also not to share with others.Vivamus sollicitudin, felis vitae facilisis.
  • Invisible watermark.
    at some day if you got viral  someone will steal your content to repost over other platform, cut off your logo or other visible watermark,with this invisible/hidden watermark technology, you can hardlly lost the battle.
  • Installed on PC, access from PC and mobile.

    Without upload content to any online server,your privacy is our priority.Experience is only we care.

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